City of Coushatta's Profile!


City Zip Code: 71019

Estimated population in 2010: 1,964

Median resident age: 32 years old

Males: 951 (48.4%)

Females: 1,013 (51.6%)

Estimated median house value in 2009: Coushatta - $78,472 | Louisiana - $135,400

Estimated median household income in 2009: Coushatta - $24,248 | Louisiana - $42,492

City Officials:

Dr. Johnny Cox

Town Council Members:
John D. Henry

Virginia Calhoun

Rosetta Wilson

Mallory Parson

Edna M. Webb

Town Clerk:
Stephanie Babers
Mary Ann Veateh
City Water:
Mark Morgan
City Water Clerk:
Tina Thomas
Police Jurors:
William Brown (District One)
Reggie Green (District Two)
Billy Joe Gay(District Three)
Jessie Davis (District Four)
John W. Moore, Jr. (District Five)
Ben Taylor, President (District Six)
Sammy Sledge (District Six)
Parish Manager:
Jessie Davis
Chief of City Police:
Joey Miller
Assistant Chief of City Police:
Sonia Yearling
City Police Sergeant:
Ashanti Cole Sr.
City Police Patrolman:
Robert Babers
Clerk of Court:
Stuart Shaw
Tax Assessor:
Becky Craig
Red River Parish Judge:
Honorable Judge Lewis O. Sams
Red River Parish District Attorney:
Julie Jones
Red River Parish Sheriff:
Glen Edwards
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